Since we love our pets, we always buy a mass of food for them. On holidays, we will go to the pet food counters for a long time, and the pet food we bought will be more than our own snacks. It seems that we love pets is better than ourselves. It doesn't matter if we are hungry, however, pets don't be hungry.

When we buy more pet food, the storage of pet food haunts us. With time going by, some pet food spoil and it is a waste of money. Therefore, pet lovers should know some storage methods which is also saving on your own funds.

Seal pet package

The US Food and Drug Administration and pet Food Company recommend that you seal your pet food and minimize contact with the air, which can contaminate your pet food.

To seal your pet food package, you can roll down the sides and use a pocket clip, like this cute bone pet clip, to close the bag, which will provide additional protection.

Keep the original packaging

“Spoiled Xiao Aojiao” shop said that you should store the whole bag of pet food in a closed pet food storage container. In this way, the bag can provide an additional barrier to help seal fats and oils and prevent them from becoming corrupted in the future.

According to the FDA, keeping pet food in the original package also ensures that the parent of the pet can obtain the UPC code, lot number, "best" date, and brand and manufacturer information to prevent problems such as defects or recalls. All of this information may be needed when you file a complaint about your pet food.

Keep your Pet Food Container clean

Some pet owners only use a new bag of pet food in the pet food storage container, but the owner of “Spoiled Xiao Aojiao” shop says it is a bad idea.

She says: "You will not store the remaining pasta in a plastic container, and then reuse it to make the salad work without washing." "Make sure to rinse the container between refills. From Crude food, oil tends to make the container greasy, and then you may get contaminated fresh food from the old bag with rancid oil."

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